Oksana Johnson

Our exclusive collection of scarves is designed by Oksana Johnson, a San Francisco-based artist and designer who has been painting in oil and other media for over twenty years. Whether working from her studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean, or painting en plein air as a traveler in Europe, Japan, or elsewhere in the United States, she strives to convey her emotional impressions rather than simply depicting the scene in front of her.

Her style has been influenced by many Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters -- including Degas, Monet, Renoir, Morisot, Van Gogh, Bonnard, and Korovin -- as well as years of continuing experimentation and sensitive observations as a traveler, artist, and human being.


“My primary focus is on painting scenes that capture special moments in time.  My philosophy is ‘staying in and appreciating’ the moment.  Painting has taught me to focus on what is happening now, and to pay greater attention not only to the outside world but also to my own responses to it.  I have learned that life becomes happier and more meaningful that way.”

In the summer of 2020, Oksana's oil painting "A View from the Pier" was selected for The de Young Open exhibition at San Francisco's de Young Museum (October 2020 to January 2021).

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 “Simple, everyday things have hidden beauty and joy. I want to share these features and feelings with my viewers as a reminder not to take these special moments for granted."

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